February 22, 2018

Driving Lessons Birmingham & The UK

Find great value driving lessons Birmingham with this free guide to learning to drive. Which driving courses are best for you and how many driving lessons you may need.

You may have heard some of the stories going around about driving schools that try hold you back to get as much money out of you as they can before you pass. Although this can happen there are a number of ways  to protect yourself from this type of problem.

Driving Lessons Birmingham Find quality Instructors & Schools

The number one way to find  a good instructor in Birmingham or any large city is by recommendation. If you know of someone who has recently taken driving lessons Birmingham or an area near to where you live, you can ask them how they got on with their driving instructor or driving school and if they feel they would recommend them. It is still best to ask the driving instructor a number of searching questions before booking your driving lessons and to meet them if possible to see if you would feel at ease in the driving school car with them.

Driving Lessons Birmingham And The UK. Ask These Questions Before Booking

1) The first question to ask your driving instructor is are you fully qualified ? There are a lot of part qualified (Trainee Driving Instructors) who can legally teach and charge the same price for driving lessons Birmingham or any where in the UK as an experienced qualified driving instructor. To get the best value it is Best to learn with a fully qualified ADI. All driving instructors have to display a licence in the front windscreen of the driving schools vehicle. A qualified instructor (ADI) badge is green. A PDI trainee instructor badge is pink.

Driving Lessons  Birmingham Trainee Instructor Badge                                              Qualified ADI Driving Instructor Badge

Pink Trainee Badge                                     Green ADI Badge

2) What is your pass rate ? The average driving test pass rate in the UK is  less than 50 %. If a driving  instructor has a lower pass rate this could indicate a possible problem with the instructor or driving school.

3) What grade are you ? All driving instructors are assessed by the DSA which is the governing body that regulates driving schools and driving instructors. The grade is from 1 to 6 with 6 being the highest possible score. Less than 4 is classed as unsatisfactory, 4 is satisfactory while 5 is very good and 6 is excellent. If possible it is best to take driving lessons with a grade 5 or 6 instructor as you are more likely to get the best quality driving lessons. A high percentage of driving  instructors are grade 4 and a small percentage are grade 6 so it could be more difficult to find a grade 6 instructor. This grade is a good guide but this does not mean that all grade 4 instructors are below par. If a friend recommends someone who is grade 4 then do not be worried about taking driving lessons with them as grade 4 is considered competent to teach.

Driving Lessons Birmingham & UK prices

What price shoulBoy Passing Driving Testd you pay for driving lessons Birmingham or throughout the UK ? This is the question faced by everyone who wants to learn to drive. These days with the credit crunch driving schools prices are more competitive than ever with a lot of special introductory offers and deals for block bookings. You have to be careful not to just take the cheapest offer available as you can easily spend more money with cheap low quality driving lessons, as you may take much longer to pass and perhaps take more attempts at the driving test. You should still ask questions and also decide if you feel at ease with the instructor as you will spend quite a lot of time together over the course of your driving lessons. Remember the old saying that you get what you pay for. Use this site to get an idea of what to look for when booking driving lessons Birmingham or any other area and then you can look online to check prices and special offers. There are links on this site with useful information covering  all aspects of learning to drive.

Localdriving.co.uk is here to offer tips and advice to anyone who wants to rahe driving lessons birmingham or anywhere in the UK. Although we are based in birmingham all of our information can be used to find driving lessons at the best price without compromising on quality to help you pass your driving test in as few driving lessons as possible. please leave a comment to ask questions or let us know anything you would like us to cover here.