December 18, 2017

Birmingham Driving Lessons

Taking Birmingham Driving Lessons can be a little worrying as it is a large busy city. Many roads have heavy traffic with large roundabouts, traffic lights and junctions.

When looking for a driving instructor it is important to find one who knows your local area so you can avoid being taken into stressful situations that you may not be ready for by an instructor who is unfamiliar with the roads.

A good instructor will take you on roads that suit your level of driving experience. For example when you have only had three or four lessons you would not be ready for a busy main road as this would require more expertise than you would have at tis time. If your instructor is unfamiliar with giving Birmingham driving lessons in the roads around your area he could easily get lost and put you in a dangerous situation.

Birmingham Driving Lessons Prices

Lesson prices in Birmingham are very competitive as there are so many instructors there. There are a lot of special introductory offers for your first booking of driving lessons. There are a lot of driving schools offering ten lessons for £99 which is very good value. Another offer is five lessons  for £55. You should be very careful when considering these offers and ask questions about the duration of lessons and if you will drive the same as on full price lessons. Only book after you are satisfied that the instructor is qualified and reputable.

Driving Test Centres In Birmingham

There are test centres in the Birmingham area. It is usually best to use the one nearest to you as you may be familiar with the roads in the area and your driving instructor will show you any tricky roads in the test area which will help you prepare for the test.

This is a list of the Birmingham driving test centres:-

Birmingham Kings Heath          South Yardley                Garrets Green
955 Alcester Road South         Clay Lane                          Granby Avenue
Birmingham                                  Birmingham                      Birmingham
B14 5JA                                           B26 1EA                              B33 0TJ

Kingstanding                                Sutton Coldfield                Washwood Heath
205 Birdbrook Road                 110/116 Boldmere Rd    68/70 Coleshill Road
Birmingham                                 Sutton Coldfield                 Birmingham
B44 9UL                                         B73 5UB                                B36 8AB

401 Stratford RoadBirmingham Driving Lessons
B90 4AA

Please note that Shirley and Sutton Coldfield are not actually classed as in Birmingham but people in the Birmingham area use these test centres so it seems a good idea to include them.

Taking Birmingham driving lessons does pose some questions about how many lessons you might need to be ready for your test. Because Birmingham is quite a busy city you may need more driving lessons to be able to deal with some of the difficult situations that might arise due to the volume of traffic. You can help to minimise this problem when you book your driving test by choosing a time of day between the rush hour and scool times. An ideal time to take your test is after 9 am and before 230 pm.Before 9 am people are rushing to work and taking children to school. By 230 people are setting off to pick children up from school so you would be best to have finished your driving test by that time. It is still best to take Birmingham driving lessons so you will be used to dealing with these types of traffic situations rather than learning else where and then finding it difficult to cope with the traffic after you pass.  I hope this will help you choose where to take your Birmingham driving lessons. Please leave a comment below to ask any questions or to suggest more information you would like to see on this site.

Good Luck with taking your Birmingham Driving Lessons