December 18, 2017

Are You a New Driver? How the Pass Plus Course Can Help

The Pass Plus course is a popular driving program in the UK designed to develop the skills of a new driver who will be lacking the valuable required experience on the roads. This course is devised by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) who were formed back in 1990. The Pass Plus course is made up of six modules that include the sections: �in town�, �in all weathers�, �on rural roads�, �at night�, �on dual carriageways� and �on motorways�. These modules detail critical areas that are not part and parcel of the actual driving test, although they should be. One such area that strikes a chord with many is of course “on motorways”, as the thought of travelling on a busy motorway with speeding cars is very daunting. The Pass Plus helps to raise confidence here.

The Pass Plus course will tend to vary greatly in its costs. An Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) could charge £100, or they could perhaps charge £180. Alike with a driving lesson, the price is set by the qualified instructor and so shopping around for the best deals is always a good idea (ideally though your existing driving instructor will provide this course). Don’t be put off by the price that is involved here, as a reward will later follow. This reward is of course reduced insurance costs, but you must take an insurance policy with a participating insurance company. The insurance reduction could range between the mark of 20% and 35% and so as you can see that price is certainly worth paying.

The real reward from the Pass Plus course arrives from the excellent driver training that is provided over the six modules. Once you have completed this course, you should become a more confident driver with greater knowledge that will always makes a big difference. The Pass Plus course importantly helps to raise safety on the roads by developing more experienced drivers. The driving test currently lacks many specific areas that are catered for in the Pass Plus modules and these should really be included in the actual driving test. Perhaps in the future changes will be made, but until this time it is fully recommended to go ahead and take the Pass Plus course. If you are condifent in your driving skills then you can still benefit from the lower insurance costs if you choose to go with a participating insurance company.

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Finally! Pass Plus Driving Lessons That Fulfill What They Promise!

It is a matter of great concern that new young drivers are very vulnerable to having accidents even after passing their driving tests. Pass plus driving course aims at helping new drivers develop their confidence by teaching them advanced skills. Driving lessons at Partick help students in building their key skills of awareness, anticipation and planning.

Normally, ordinary driving tuitions have time constraints and lesson objectives to consider. But Pass Plus driving course is designed in dealing with unfamiliar roads, different weather and traffic conditions. All the training sessions are under the guidance of well experienced driving instructors at Partick.

Pass Plus Makes Sense Financially!
Pass plus scheme comes under the Government casualty reduction strategy to reduce road deaths and serious injuries. Therefore, another positive outcome of learning Pass Plus driving lessons are that you can get 30% discount on car insurance premium which amounts to $430 a year. This course not only develops a positive approach but also helps you gain financially.

Driving Lessons to Meet the Demands of the Roads
Driving instructors balance the structure and the time period of the course with the experience and skill of a student. A minimum of 6 hours of driving lessons is necessary for course completion. Every student vouch that they enjoy this course and this experience proves to be very vital for their future. Coaches help students to become a more positive, progressive and confident driver. They become adequately prepared to meet any demanding situations of today�s busy roads. Driving instructors see to that these students become well trained so that they do not hold up traffic flow or prove to be a hindrance to other drivers.

There are no formal driving tests for Pass Plus course; instead it is assessed constantly by driving instructors. Students are expected to complete 6 modules and undergo minimum 6 hours of training. Driving schools have specially trained well experienced driving instructors to see each student has �achieved� or �exceeded� the necessary skills.

Pass Plus Modules:
Driving lessons are demarcated into six modules. They include the introduction lessons and town driving. This covers specific situations which drivers meet in towns and cities. Secondly, training for all weather driving conditions, includes classes on speed, safe stopping and how to deal with skidding. Thirdly, training for driving in countryside deals with possible situations and dangers that are met during driving in such places.

Fourthly, driving at night, include skills that are needed to drive at night, dawn and dusk. Fifthly, Dual Carriageways deal with driving in high speed roads.

Lastly, training is given on driving in motorways maintaining the correct speed.

In short, Pass Plus driving lessons at Partick can be called as the final icing on the cake and this is something that should not be missed!

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Pass Plus is the Ideal Way to Reduce Car Insurance Quotes

Newly qualified drivers are among of the most vulnerable people on the road and statistically one of the most likely factions of the driving population to have an accident on the road.

According to the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), 20 per cent of all drivers will have an accident in their first year of driving. It is because of statistics like this that drivers who have only passed their driving test recently are stung with the most expensive car insurance quotes from insurers.

As a newly qualified driver one of the best methods to take the edge off those hefty car insurance quotes and make insuring your vehicle more reasonable is to take the Pass Plus course. Pass Plus was designed specifically by the DSA in order to give additional training to fresh drivers in the more advanced techniques of driving.

By taking the Pass Plus course, your existing driving knowledge will be extended and improved and you will be taught how to become a more defensive driver, more aware of your surroundings, and better equipped to deal with adverse situations. Vehicle insurance companies recognise the additional effort required to put yourself through Pass Plus and as a result can reduce their car insurance quotes by up to a third.

Pass Plus focuses on six core areas, each of which will help you become a better driver and bring you one step closer to cheaper car insurance. The Pass Plus modules cover driving in town, driving at night, driving in adverse weather conditions, and driving on the different road types (including motorways).

Gaining practical experience of driving in heavy rain or at night can make a big difference to your driving ability, as well as preparing you for some of the hazards of driving. Pass Plus will give you a wider knowledge of what causes skidding in icy conditions for example, and how to avoid accidents on the road in these challenging conditions.

The great thing about Pass Plus is that the course is available to all newly qualified UK licence holders and there is no test at the end of the course. Having passed the course, you will be able to go to insurance companies with a certificate which guarantees you cheaper car insurance quotes, which can be all important in your first year of driving before you start benefiting from a no-claims bonus.

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