December 18, 2017

Does Your Good Driving School Teach “The Bubble”?

When learning to drive there are a lot of things to consider. What do I need to learn? Where is the best place to go for my drivers education? And so on. It is incredibly important to go with prestigious well known companies as these are often better. One thing every new driver should ensure they learn, and should ask potential schools is whether or not they teach the bubble.

A member of a prestigious social club once arrived late for a meeting, distraught because someone had rear-ended her car once again and she couldn’t understand why this kept happening to her. Conversation with her sympathetic friends soon revealed to everyone but her that she had been tailgating. When the car ahead of her stopped abruptly she slammed on her brakes and stopped too.

The woman was not aware that this was actually what was causing her accidents. The fact she was not aware of the space around her car. She claimed that these accidents were not her fault, as if it were she would have crashed into the car. However by stopping abruptly due to being too close, she did not give the driver behind her enough time to react to the incident, therefore indirectly becoming a cause of it.

The best places to drive safely are where you can ensure there is a safe distance between you and other cars, also in an open location so mirrors can be seen clearly to avoid incidents, such as a freeway.

Unfortunately your efforts to maintain open space on all sides of yourself will be foiled as cars behind you catch up and pass you, desperate to get as close as they can to the blaze of brake lights up ahead before they stop or are stopped.

The main aim of the bubble is to ensure that the driver is aware of the space they have around them whilst they are driving. This means being aware of your actions, what you are doing, checking your mirrors and sides constantly. It is not just about keeping space around you.

When a car approaches rapidly from behind, what do you think the driver’s intentions are? Does he have room to go around you? If a car in the lane to your right is hurtling forward at a speed much faster than the truck ahead of it is moving, what will happen next? If you can see that the driver of the car will hit the truck unless he changes lanes and the only place for him to go is in front of you, what do you do? As is so often the answer, the best thing for you to do is slow down and make sure the reckless driver has a space big enough to move into.

You are driving a long and you see someone who has been driving too close to someone and crashed into them, when they should have known to drive safely, be aware of their surroundings and to maintain a safe distance from the car in front. If only they had been taught the bubble in their drivers education perhaps they could be better drivers. It is incredibly important to be aware of your space to avoid such situations, cars are getting faster and drivers are getting cockier. Driving safely is of paramount importance.

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