December 18, 2017

Cheap Driving Lessons Are They Good Value ?

Is it worth looking for cheap driving lessons. Have you heard the saying that you only get what you pay for. In some cases that is true but if you shop around and ask the right questions it is possible to get a good instructor at a very good price.

What To Ask An Instructor Offering Cheap Driving Lessons

Are you a fully qualified driving instructor? Some instructors are trainees and display a pink badge in the window of the car when giving driving lessons.

A fully qualified instructor will display a green badge in the window of the car.

How Long Are The Driving Lessons? Some schools only give 45 minute lessons. It is best to get a full hour.Cheap Driving Lessons

What Is Your Pass Rate? The national average is only around 50%.  Some instructors have a much higher pass rate.

Do you have testimonials from previous people who have passed with you? If not then this could be a bad sign.

You should shop around using the Internet and talk to a number of instructors to make a short list of good instructors then choose the best deal. You may not choose the cheapest driving lessons but you will find the best balance to get the best deal for quality and price.

How Much Are Cheap Driving Lessons ?

The price varies a lot in different areas of the country. In London lessons can cost around £30 per hour but with some of the cheap deals around you can find the first 10 driving lessons from £99. This is a very cheap offer but usually just for your first 10 lessons then you move on to the normal lesson price. You can also fins lessons around £20 each but in London this also counts as very cheap. As you move northwards through the country prices begin to fall. Introductory offers are still very similar but the single lesson prices can be found as low as £10.


It is a good time to find cheap driving lessons as long as you do your home work and check the cost of driving lessons carefully and don’t just go by price alone. Take into account the service you will receive and remember you may need more cheap driving lessons to pass with a below standard instructor but a good driving instructor could get you through with far fewer lessons and therefore still save you money in the long run.

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