December 18, 2017

Crash Course Driving Lessons

Crash Course Driving Lessons are a number of lessons paid for and booked in advance which are taken in blocks. Some courses can be 5 days in length and each day could have 6 hours of driving.

Do Crash Course Driving Lessons Work

Some driving schools will offer an assessment lesson to find your current level of driving so they can give you an idea of how many hours will be needed to achieve test standard. If you are a complete beginner this will not be of any benefit as there will be no driving ability to asses. It would be best to take some regular hourly lessons to get some basic car control. You can then take an assessment lesson. If a school does not offer the assessment it will be best to avoid them as you could end up taking a course that is unsuitable.  The best type of crash course to take is one which has a driving test booked at the end so you are fresh from the course rather than having a gap before taking the test.

How Many Crash Course Driving Lessons Will You Need ?

Courses often start  in blocks of ten hours. Ten Twenty Thirty or Forty. As a guide you could say ten for someone who may have failed a test to brush up on the faults. Twenty for someone who is quite experienced and thirty for someone whose driving needs more work. Someone who only has very little experience will probably need a forty lesson course. These are only guide lines and will vary for different people as everyone learns at a different rate. Some people can need fifty or more crash course driving lessons. The important thing with this type of  courses is that you may be in a car with one or more fellow learner drivers  so you should ask about this to find out how many actual hours of driving you will get. Another question to ask is whether other people in the car with you are at a similar level as you may receive less driving time if one of the other students needs more training.

What If You Fail ?

If you fail your crash course driving lessons test then the best piece of advice is to put straight back in for the test and find a local driving instructor to continue taking lessons until the driving test and you will have the best chance to pass. It is very important to keep practicing as you will soon lose the edge that you gained by taking the course, which could mean you will waste the money you spent.


Yes crash course driving lessons do work but not for everyone. If you can concentrate for two or three hours at a time without starting to make lots of mistakes in your driving and continue to learn new skills then you should be suitable.

Whichever type of driving lessons you decide to take, good luck and I hope this has been helpful. Please leave a comment below with any questions or suggestions of future articles.