December 18, 2017

Female Driving Instructor

Over the years it has become easier to find a female driving instructor as a lot more have joined the proffession. This means female learners canFemale Driving Instructor choose to take their lessons with a female driving instructor. It is very important to feel comfortable with your instructor as it will help you progress more quickly towards gaining your licence. Often female learners will feel more relaxed with a female instructor and in some cases certain religions will require learning with a female.

How To Find A Female Driving Instructor

Only approximately 15% of instructors are female. There are approximately 30000 instructors in the UK so it can sometimes be dificult to find a good female driving instructor. If you live in a city then there is a good chance that you will have a choice of instructor. You should still take care to ask questions to make sure you get a good instructor. You need to check things like pass rate, prices etc. visit our guide on Driving Lessons to find how to choose the best instructor. If you live in a more remote location it might be more dificult to locate a female instructor. It would be best to start with a large national school and check the internet for schools who may have a female driving instructor. At the moment there are not very many female examiners conducting tests so this is an area of oppertunity.

If you are a female learner driver or a qualified drivier please leave us a comment with any questions or anything you would like adding to the site. Do you think you should have the choice of male or female examiner for your test?  We would be happy to hear from our readers and all non spam comments will be published.