December 18, 2017

What Is The Cost Of Driving Lessons

The cost of driving lessons varies in different areas but there are a lot of introductory offers around at the moment. There is a national driving school offering 5 driving lessons for £56 which is good value. Some schools are doing a block of 10 driving lessons at a cost of £99. This offer is also very good but usually has some terms and conditions attached to it. Some schools offer block bookings of 10 lessons at a discount price after you take the initial special offer so you can still save money as you continue learning.

Where Is The Highest Cost Of Driving Lessons

Generally the highest cost of driving lessons is in London. Some rural areas also will be quite expensive as the instructors have to travel a longer distance between lessons. Even in London you can still find a bargain but you should check what you are getting for your money. You could pay £25 to £30 per lesson but you may find lessons around £20. Automatic driving lessons will also cost more but again shopping around should help save some money with special offers or block bookings.

The Lowest Cost Of Driving Lessons

As you move north the cost of driving lessons reduces so you can find lessons as low as £15 each. I have seen instructors charging as low as £10 but there is a point where you might think there could be a reason someone is charging so little, are they fully qualified or are they not up to a good standard to keep their pupils and so have to offer very low prices to get customers .


Cost Of Driving LessonsThe cost of driving lessons varies from around £30 in London down to around £15 in some areas the north of England.

* please note that prices are used as a guide and there is no guarantee that these prices will be available in your ares.

Let us know below what the cost of driving lessons is in your area or any other comments you may have about driving lessons.